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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nantucket Birthday




The best picture ever


Close up of the sand and pebbles

Jenna balancing on the fence posts

She is better at it than I am

Big goofy smile...

Awww...Well, it is true

My girl

My favorite picture ever

Brandt Point Lighthouse

Birthday boy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

40 Cloves of Garlic (with chicken)

OK, here is the deal:
This will serve ~4 people. You can't have too much garlic, but figure 2 - 3 pieces of chicken per person.


Garlic: At least 40 cloves (duh). Don't peel them. Break them away from the bulb, and take off most of the white papery part.

Chicken: legs/breasts/thighs: 10 to 12 pieces. I am a breast and thigh man myself, but to each his/her own.

Take a casserole dish (or a crock pot) and put a little olive oil in the bottom (My mom sometimes puts a layer of fresh herbs at the bottom (Rosemary, Thyme, Herbes de Provence, etc). I will, on occasion, throw some Rosemary on top.

Preparation: (gorgeous assistant not included)

Layer in dish/pot thusly:

Garlic cloves
Garlic cloves
ad nauseam...


Cook, covered, on low or medium-low for many hours (4 - 6?).

The chicken will be done when the bone is exposed at the end, or you get tired of hearing to the question "Is it done yet?".

The garlic will spread like room temperature butter. Use on anything edible (or not, maybe) you like, it is amazing stuff.
Just squeeze each clove like a miniature tube of toothpaste with the edge of a utensil on to bread, or directly into your mouth with your fingers like my father.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT eat the empty garlic clove "husk" if you wish to share the company of anyone later on. Trust me.


I like placing chicken and cloves and juice in wide bowls, but plates work fine too.
Serve with a baguette and butter. Or rice and butter. The important thing is the butter.


Wine. Do not, for God's sake, forget the wine. Or beer. Whatever, you get the point.

Eat. Drink. Rejoice.

Andrew decorating a gingerbread train for Christmas on Thanksgiving in his Halloween costume that he wears EVERY SINGLE DAY

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Answer with one word. One word only.

Subject: One word

Your hair color? Brownish
Your mother? Cooking
Your father? Watching
Your favorite thing? Son
Your dream last night? Maddening
Your dream goal? Consistency
The room you're in? Office
Your hobby? Geography
Your fear? Clowns
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Scotland
Where were you last night? Working
What you're not? "Mavricky"
Wish-list item? Castle
Grew up? Rural
Last thing you did? Blinked
You're wearing? Suit
Your TV? Sony
Your computer? Linux
Can't live without? Atmosphere
Your mood? Upbeat
Missing someone? Son
Your car? Parked
You're not wearing? Boots
Favorite shop? Borders
Your summer? Educational
Love someone? Tremendously
Love/Hate Relationship? technology
Current addiction? Soups
Your favorite colour? Blue
Last time you laughed? Now
Last time you cried? Unknown

Monday, October 27, 2008

Woodrow in the Boston Common

Woodrow getting a run at the Common:

A happy lab is a tired lab: